Frequently Asked Questions


 Q  How long do Glitter Heels take to create and be ready to ship?

A.  Turnaround Time - We are unable to guarantee any sort of turnaround time. This is due to the fact that sometimes unforeseen things happen that are completely out of our control. These things can include: hurricanes, tornadoes, flooding, mail delivery delays, packages getting misplaced by the mail delivery system, your countries custom process, printer malfunctions, heels suddenly going out of stock, kids getting sick, house fires, emergency room situations, etc.

Glitter Heels are each individually handcrafted to perfection and this process can takes weeks.  Tiffany is the only artist creating these magical heels (and she's not a robot, we checked) so it can take a while to get through the hundreds of heels that were ordered before yours.  We refuse to rush through any heel being made so that can take time.  We do know that you, as thousands of other long time clients, will love and cherish your heels greatly and be so happy you had the patience to wait for a real person, an artist not a machine, to make a custom pair of heels just for you. 

We realize that everyone is in a hurry to get their very own Glitter Heels ~ and it is certainly our goal to deliver as quickly as humanly possible. However, there are certainly things that we have zero control over ~ and as we all know, that is the nature of life. If you are in a BIG hurry, we highly encourage you to have a backup plan or ask if its possible to rush your order and jump the que for an additional fee. In a perfect world, it would be amazing if the design was done in one day and the product was delivered yesterday with no hiccups. But unfortunately, none of us live in a perfect world ~ {insert sad face}. 

Glitter Heels are custom and handmade to order, never kept in stock 

 If heels are needed by a specific time and/or need to be rushed please contact us to ask if it is possible.

Q.  Where do you ship?  Where are you located?

A.  Glitter Heels ships all over the world and have been worn in over 75 countries.  All Glitter Heels are hand crafted in Los Angeles, California USA

Q. How much is shipping?

A. Domestic shipping within the United States starts at $15USD.  International shipping outside of the United States starts at $35USD.  You can calculate your exact shipping cost in the checkout page. You will be informed of the shipping cost before you place your order

Q.  Will I get updates on the progress of my order?

A. We DO NOT send update emails/messages. If you placed an order and received a confirmation email rest assured we have your order and it's waiting in line. All heels are made in the order they are received.You will only receive 2 emails from us, a order confirmation email and tracking info email. 

***In order to get your new Glitter Heels out to you as quickly as possible answering emails must come second, thank you for understanding the time restrictions and the huge amount of time it takes to answer hundreds of emails a day while also creating magical Glitter Heels to perfection.

 Tiffany Hayden owns and operates Glitter Heels by herself and is responsible for everything including all emails, social media, website design, photography, heel design and creating all Glitter Heels.
Keeping the cost of custom Glitter Heels low for our clients while keeping the quality extremely high is our top priority.
******************Please, please, pretty please refer to this FAQs page before emailing us as almost all questions can be answered here.****************
Domestic shipping takes approximately  2-7 days via USPS or UPS

International takes approximately 6-12 business days for Flat Rate Priority (2+pairs) and 10-21 business days for Flat Rate (1 Pair).  Shipping times vary from country to country and will be dependant upon your countries customs processing times.

If heels are needed by a specific time and need to be rushed please contact us to ask if it is possible and which shipping method is needed, Priority or Express Mail



Unclaimed Mail
Packages which are returned to sender due to being unclaimed or incorrectly addressed from buyer are not the responsibility of Glitter Heels. Once package has been returned, it will be shipped out again at the buyer's expense.

International shipping via USPS will only update you on  tracking when the package has arrived in your country and/or when the package is released by your countries customs office. Please be advised that customs clearance procedures are required and can cause delays beyond our original delivery estimates.  **Please be advised that the 6-21 days DOES NOT include any time that your country holds your package in customs. Depending on your country this could take additional time.  Most countries will contact you to obtain the duties/taxes if required. Glitter Heels is not responsible for any taxes or fees accrued.

Q. Why don't I see any updates on my tracking information?
A. All International Customers are provided with a customs tracking identifier from USPS. The tracking information on these orders are updated once the package has left the USA and arrived in your country and is not updated again until the receiving country has released the package from customs.

Q.  What type of heels do you use?

A.  Glitter Heels uses Pleaser, Ellie and Private brand Glitter Heels that are similar to Ellies. Pleaser heels are used only where specifically labeled or if Pleaser heels are specifically requested (not available for all styles)

 Q.  Does the glitter come off?

A.  No, the glitter does not come off. They will show wear as all heels do.  All glitter is professionally applied and sealed 4 times with industrial sealant.  Your heels will shed slightly during the first few wears but this is only loose surface glitter.  The heel has millions of glitter particles attached to it and will remain sparkly for their lifetime.

 Q.  What if I want to put a different color glitter on a heel on the website?

A.  You can put any color glitter or design on any heel style.  When you order just pick the heel style that you want and then leave a note at checkout about what color glitter you want on the heel. If you want a design on a different heel style choose the design for pricing and leave a note at checkout about the heel style you want.

Q. I have a design idea, can you make a custom heel for me?

A.  Yes!! Glitter Heels was born out of a need for a custom design dance heel. Glitter Heels are not made until you order them so you can request any design/color you have in mind. Most designs and logo are possible. Design with fine details will not work on texture glitter but simple designs do. If you have a outfit that you want to match your heels perfectly we can find the perfect shade to match. Please Contact Us with your design requests and we will tell you if its possible and give you a quote.

 Q. I dont know what size to order?

A.  All heels sizes are in USA Womans sizes.  All brands of dance heels have the same sizing. Check the chart for International size conversion. The best way to check your size if you dont already own a pair of dance heels is to measure your foot. We DO NOT take any responsibility for the size you order so please choose carefully as ALL SALES ARE FINAL



Q. What are your Customer Service Hours? 

A. Our Customer Service hours are: Monday- Friday 9am-5pm(California Time) You may use the Contact Us page on the website or email us directly at tiffanysglitterheels@gmail.com. Please allow up to 7 days for a response as this is a one woman show with lots of inquiries.  We are closed holidays and weekends.

Q. Do you offer Gift Cards or Certificates ?
Yes, we do! Glitter Heels allows you to purchase a Gift Card for yourself or your friends. Choose any amount for a physical gift card or a code to email them instantly to your friends. 


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