Glitter Heels Wholesale/Studio/Group Program

Glitter Heels Wholesale/Studio/Group Program

 Hi and thank you for your interest in Glitter Heels Wholesale/Group/Studio Program.  All Glitter Heels are custom and hand crafted to order.  Any glitter color and/or design can be put on any heel style. We have over 600 colors and any shade of any color imaginable. Custom color mixes and designs are also available. If you want a different glitter color than whats shown just choose the heel type you want and leave a note at checkout about which color glitter color you would like.

Glitter Heels are made using a process that has been perfected during the last 8 years. They have been tested for 8 years by professional pole dancers around the World in many different environments including water! Glitter Heels uses the highest quality glitter exclusive to us and not available to the public. Our glitter is non-toxic and our professional sealing process makes them durable while still remaining sparkly.

Glitter Heels are the only dance stilettos endorsed by XPole.

 Glitter Heels are worn by the top professional pole dancers around the World and have been in nearly every Pole Dance competition worldwide since 2010. Glitter Heels Pole Idol designs are all available for the discount program.

 So here is the deal.  We offer a 40% discount off all heels/styles/designs. The first order is a minimum of 10 pairs ($90value) shipped at once to one location.  They must be ordered and paid in full by one person but can be any color/style/design/size combination. The standard 7 inch single color pair is $90 before your 40% discount. After the initial order your discount will apply to all orders with a $100 minimum (not including shipping cost)  and may be drop shipped to a separate address. Wholesale discount orders can not be used in conjunction with any other offer.

 Ordering is very simple and done through our vibrant and easy to use website. You can mix and match any heels/sizes to reach your minimum. Glitter Heels has different styles and colors added daily so it is always best to check out the website and Instagram for all the newest options available. Our Instagram is updated daily with new colors and collections Follow us on Instagram @tiffanysglitterheels 

To reduce our carbon footprint we do not have a physical catalogue but we can send you postcard flyers to advertise with. After your initial order you are considered an "Authorized Glitter Heels Dealer" and you can request a free window cling sign stating this for advertisement.

 Please Contact Us when you are ready to place your first order.

Thanks again for your interest. This program will make your students feel Confident, Unique, Beautiful and Strong by wearing affordable yet extravagant heels.

Every Girl Deserves Some Sparkle on Her Feet.  Happy Poling!!


Tiffany Hayden


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